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The Company

Extraco SA is a pioneer Greek company established in 1984. The long time experience in manufacturing and trading commercial explosives has led to the development of advanced products which are mainly used in mines, quarries and construction works (tunnels, roads, etc.). Extrovert and energetic, Extraco SA is the largest company in the Greek market and holds a dominant position in the Balkan and Southeast Mediterranean markets.

The success is based on the comparative advantages that Extraco SA has developed:

  • Well educated and high experienced staff
  • Modern state-of-the-art factory
  • Excellenttransport infrastructure
  • Fully equipped and trained quality control department
  • Pioneering in the development and usage of new technologies
  • International cooperations

The main objective for Extraco SA is the continuous development for the satisfaction of needs of the customer, providing

  • Safety
  • Effectiveness
  • Economy in the use of explosives

Extraco SA has:

  • a unit for continuous production of ANFO, under the trade name Petrammonitis, following the current capacity requirements
  • a modern and advanced unit for production of emulsion explosives under the brand name EMEX
  • State-of-the-art ‘hot production / cooling stabilisation’ emulsion explosives (EM-EX) plant, which are the most safe and advance technology of the explosive products.
  • a unique unit in Greece for production in batches of Petrammonitis (ANFO), providing better quality control and safety
  • the most modern unit production for Amonit, powder explosive in Greece
  • a new advanced unit for the assembly of non-electric detonators (NONEL)
  • a fully equipped quality control laboratory.
  • a completely organised own testing field
  • a complex of modern magazines capable to cover the needs of market for enough time, with total capacity of
      400.000 kilos of explosives,
      3 million pieces of detonators and
      1 million meters detonating cord
  • its own fleet of vehicles, all certified for the transport of explosives according to ADR.

Every customer can feel certain to receive the explosives that he wishes on time and that in no case will he stop excavation work because of explosives shortage.

Operation of Extraco SA is based on the triptych:


This way Extraco SA has become well established in the clients conscience. Our vision is summarized as following:

“Your first thought – Your first choice”